Alan Cotton  

Paintings - Devon - Hartland

I have been going to Hartland, for more than two decades, and each time I am excited by the fact that it is never the same. I have often done a series of paintings from exactly the same spot and with each canvas, the light, the different stages of the tide, the forces of the wind whipping up the waves, gives a rich variation of energy, colour and texture.

I remember clearly, that first mind blowing experience of coming down the hill to Hartland Quay, standing on the cliff edge and looking along the coast. It was a stormy day and as I watched that great solid mass of water constantly hitting the coastline with such violence, fragmenting on the rocks, I knew that this would provide the springboard for large, powerful paintings.

More recently I have been working at Hartland Point and have just completed a set of drawings of the Light House. In 2013 I will be completing the first paintings from these drawings. Yet it is Hartland Quay, with its history of ship wrecks and dramatic rescues, which will always draw me back and no matter where in the world I travel, to draw and paint, I think I will always want to return to Hartland.