Alan Cotton  

Paintings - Southern Hemisphere

Paintings from Alan's travels as Tour Artist with HRH The Prince of Wales.

New Zealand

As The Prince of Wales's 'tour artist' one of the places I went to which really excited me as an artist was Taiaroa Head in South Island, New Zealand. We went to look at the royal albatrosses which nest there, and to see these graceful creatures with their three-metre wingspan being borne up on the thermals was an extraordinary sight. I have consciously tried to direct the paint towards a feeling of upsurge, with the large albatross hovering over the cliff edge and the movements in the water surging into the cliffs. For the cliffs themselves I have used high-key colour and more and more paint to represent the evening light coming across and picking up all the facets of the rock face, with the albatrosses like a pattern against the background. The sea paintings are of the coastline around Taiaroa Bay, with the extraordinary long fronds of seaweed caught in the rhythm of the waves.

Drawing at Taiaroa Head Drawing at Taiaroa Head


In Fiji I had a driver who took me to his remote village in the mountains. It was during a time of great storms, with threatening skies and rumbling thunder and lightning, but as the storm clouds broke, brilliant sunlight streaked across the mountains. In the village each family had its own group of animals, often tethered near to their homes. I did a number of drawings of tethered oxen, from which I did several paintings.

Drawing in the mountains Fiji Drawing in the mountains Fiji
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