Venice, Provence, Cyprus
Wednesday 20th September to Saturday 14th October 1995

Foreword by David Messum

Much has already been said, but much more I suspect is still to come on the subject of Impressionism - but to define it solely to the much celebrated "great" names so familiar to us all is at once to recognise the importance of their position in its growth but to close one's mind to the possibility of its continued development. Even to speak of "them" within the same breath as contemporary artists might be seen as an attempt to bathe in the warmth of their esteem - but I believe that Alan has found his own identity within that "ism".

Whether painting into landscape or reflective water he layers in colourful marks a pattern which describes his particular vision - rendering for us an impression of the subject in hand.

These are generous paintings, not meanly described, fat with colour layered on with a knife giving us a clue to the amount of enjoyment that went into their creation. Colour on colour makes a vivid display helping us to read shapes and contours that become celebrations of the places he has found in which he wishes us to share.

David Messum